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Colorful dried flower mix

Colorful dried flower mix

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With this dried flower mix of colorful dried flowers, you can get creative yourself and save money at the same time!

You can use this to tie a great bouquet yourself, distribute the dried flowers among different vases or use the dried flowers for your next DIY project (e.g. wreaths, bouquets, flowergrams, etc.). With the beautiful selection of colorful dried flowers, you will definitely get an eye-catcher! 🌼

This dried flower box consists of:

  • Lagurus white (5 pcs.)
  • small bunch Broom Bloom white
  • Lagurus blue (5 pcs.)
  • Phalaris green (10 pcs.)
  • small bunch of gypsophila pink
  • small bunch of eucalyptus baby blue

The dried flowers are carefully selected and packed by hand. Dried flowers last forever (with proper care) so you will enjoy them for a long time :)
The length of these dried flowers varies between 40-60 cm.

Please note: This is not a finished bouquet of dried flowers, but a mix box of different dried flowers.

Dried flowers can be used in many ways, just put them in a vase, make a beautiful door wreath/window wreath out of it, use it for your wedding or celebration or give it to your loved ones.

Dried flowers do not require water. You should also protect this from direct sun protection and high humidity. It's normal for dried pampas grass to have some fluff, but that's not a problem! Simply shake out the pampas grass and spray with hairspray from a distance of about 15-20 cm.

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