About Us

I'm Lisa and the founder of Lizasliving. My heart beats for DIY projects and decoration, especially wood products and dried flowers. I love to redesign our four walls again and again and to be creative. Starting with an Instagram blog, the idea came up in 2021 to share this and open a small shop according to the motto "Just do it, it could be good". My heart and soul is in Lizasliving and in the products that I and my team carefully design and create for you every day. A lot has happened here in recent years and we are constantly growing.

The team currently consists of 10 creative minds who process and pack your orders in the Münsterland with full passion every day. Our range of dried flowers, creative gift ideas, DIY sets and handmade home accessories is constantly evolving and we work on it every day. We attach great importance to sustainability and longevity and would like to put a smile on your face with our unique products.

My little dream is constantly evolving and I am incredibly grateful for all the support and very excited to see what else awaits me on this journey!

  • Joseph


    • The all-rounder
    • loves cycling and motorcycling
    • very carefully & neatly
    • don't like impatience
    Josef's favorite product 
  • flea

    DIY sets, flowergrams, candle jars

    • The Entertaining
    • loves parties & sports
    • adventurous and keen to travel
    • don't like winter
    Floé's favorite product 
  • Caro

    Packing & Shipping

    • The Good Soul
    • loves amusement parks
    • helpful & always in a good mood
    • don't like coffee
    Caro's favorite product 
  • Ibo

    Accounting & Office

    • The team player
    • loves playing soccer
    • communicative & empathetic
    • does not like unpunctuality
    Ibo's favorite product 
  • Laura

    Dried Flower Rings & Mini Bouquets

    • The Structured
    • loves travel
    • very reliable & conscientious
    • doesn't like people in a bad mood
    Laura's favorite product 
  • Sarah

    Dried flower wreaths/rings & mini bouquets

    • The doer
    • loves to decorate
    • very dedicated & hardworking
    • don't like unreliability
    Sarah's favorite product 
  • Louisa

    Packing & Shipping

    • The haven of peace
    • loves festivals & parties
    • spontaneous & relaxed
    • don't like raisins
    Louisa's favorite product 
  • Naima

    Dried Flower Rings & Flowergrams

    • The chick
    • loves playing soccer
    • organized & helpful
    • don't like stress

    Naima's favorite product 
  • Vanessa

    Dried flower rings/bouquets, flowergrams

    • The environmentally conscious
    • loves travel
    • always in a good mood & relaxed
    Vanessa's favorite product 
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