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Shake it! - Dye eggs with rice

Of course, Easter includes Easter eggs that you have colored yourself. With rice and a special dyeing technique, you get beautiful, speckled rice artworks that make Easter breakfast a lot of fun.

It's all so quick and easy!

Everything you need for this:

  • hard-boiled or blown and cleaned eggs
  • plastic bowl with lid
  • food coloring
  • rice
  • teaspoon for stirring

That's how it works:

1. Take about 3-4 tablespoons of rice and put them in your plastic bowl.

2. Now add about a teaspoon of the liquid food coloring. Mix them well with the rice. If this seems too dry, add a few more drops of water. Depending on whether and how much water you add, the color changes.

3. Place the egg in the colored rice and secure the lid.

4. And now shake it!

5. When the egg is evenly colored, take it out to dry. If there are still grains of rice sticking to the egg, let them dry and remove them later.

Paint eggs with rice
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