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Easy Easter tags made from modeling clay!

If you're still looking for a simple, understated Easter decoration, these pendants are for you. Simply decorate your Easter blossom branches with this.
Everything you need for this:
  • Air-dry modeling clay
  • Egg template and knife or cutter
  • rolling pin
  • wooden stick
  • Plants, stamps or motifs as desired
  • line
  • sandpaper

That's how it works:

1. Take the modeling clay and roll it out thinly with the rolling pin.

2. Lay the egg template on top and cut out the outline of the egg with the knife. Alternatively, you can of course use a mold to cut out the pendants.

3. Now design the eggs with the plants, stamps or other motifs by pressing the motifs into the modeling clay.

4. Use the wooden stick to poke holes in the eggs for hanging.

5. Now let it dry according to the instructions of the modeling clay.

6. When the eggs have dried you can sand down the edges with some sandpaper.

7. Now thread a nice ribbon through it and then attach it to the branch!

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